Get Excellent Vehicle Detailing Services in Toronto from Dr. Detail

Maintaining a vehicle is a very tough task; dents, scratches, paint mismatch and a loss of lustre is a very common problem associated with vehicles. Vehicle detailing is the most common task that occurs in a vehicle garage and people pay huge sums of money to get the perfect detailing done on their vehicles. In Toronto, Dr. Detail is your go-to place to get the best detailing done for your vehicle.

A process of thorough cleaning, finishing and restoration of a motor vehicle in order to create a show worthy cleanliness, polish and finish is known as Auto detailing. Auto Detailing Mississauga can be done on the exterior as well as interior of the vehicle.

Dr. Detail is a professional detailing and trade show business veteran with over 31 years experience. They have strong expertise in the automotive, heavy vehicles, farm equipment, trucking business and they specialize in providing meticulous service and support to their valuable customers and companies. You can click here for more information about them.

They deal in classic cars, product launches, cleaning and detailing family classc vehicles and provide expert detailing service along with cosmetic care for all types of motorized vehicles. Their services are:

  • Detailing- Hand wash, full cleaning, detailing, exterior polishing, paint touch-ups, waxing for the exterior and shampoo, cleaning the dashboard and door panels and cleaning glass for the interiors for vehicles like cars, trucks, tractor trailers, boats, heavy and light farm equipments, heavy construction and heavy road equipments, campers and recreational vehicles.
  • Wheel Repairs- Wheel and rim repair Malton and straightening for chrome, aluminum, steel, polished and painted wheels suffering from curb rash, scratches, cracks, peeling, dents and gouges. For more information do not forget to visit us or give us a call at our shop.
  • Commercial vehicle rust removal- Along with rust removal, they remove heavy stains, oil, paint, graffiti and other unwatchable and damage making markings from commercial, personal and industrial vehicles and equipments.
  • Trade show services
  • Official Mercedes-Benz rim repairs in the GTA
  • Wheel Chroming
  • Professional metal polishing- For wheels, performance metals, truck metals and rub rails

Along with their pervasive services, they offer power washing service Toronto as well. Their continuous quality service excellence is a proof to the commitment and dedication that they have for their business. They are a reputed name in the Toronto circle and are one of the best detailing companies in Canada.

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