Contribution of FINSA and Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez in Mexican Construction Industry

Growing industrial culture in Mexico has created a scope for the works like, leasing, construction, asset management and another industrial development works. Abundance of industrial parks getting developed in Mexico is the proof that industrial space of Mexico is on an all-time rise. The latest industrial park to join the elite list of Mexican industrial parks is FINSA Guadalupe Industrial Park. This industrial park is amongst the latest and the biggest projects of FINSA.


FINSA is a Mexican estate giant in existence since 1977. It has constructed around 11 million square feet of commercial and industrial buildings in the Mexico, USA and Argentina. With 25 finished industrial park projects under the belt, FINSA is the largest industrial developer in the Mexico. Value for socio-environmental awareness, customer service and constant innovations are the leading factors behind the success of the best industrial developers of Mexico.

Throughout the four decades of working history, FINSA has managed to offer integrated and competent solutions in the real estate market. From site selection to maintenance and operation, FINSA withstand with their clients on every stage. If you are choosing FINSA for your industrial constriction works, then you will get innovative products and services for sure.

FINSA work to become the industrial construction leader in Mexico. FINSA has served to the clients belonging to different industries like logistics, medical, metal-mechanical, aerospace, food, electronic and many others. The primary reason behind the tremendous success of FINSA is the manpower working behind the company. From the CEO of FINSA (CEO de FINSA), to a regular executive, everyone in this company works to their best capacities. However, one name that should be attributed the growth of FINSA is Sergio Arguelles Gonzalez.

Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez

Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez is the CEO and president of FINSA (Presidente de FINSA) he is holding that designation since 2001. He has contributed a lot in the growth and transformation of FINSA. It is because of him FINSA has taken a leap from a family venture to a major international real estate developer. Apart from Mexico, FINSA also operates in USA and Argentina and the credit for this expansion goes to Sergio Arguelles. He established joint ventures with international institutions and financial players to secure FINSA’s growth and access into global business markets. Owing to his contribution, hard work and dedication, FINSA has maintained an annual growth rate of approx. 20 percent.

When talking about rewards, achievements and recognitions, he tops the list there as well.

  • Sergio Argüelles Gonzalez has won the Good Neighbour Award from the Mexico American Chamber of Commerce back in 1998.
  • Sergio Arguelles is also a proactive member of many industry associations and organizations like- AMPIP – Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (former vice president), CANACINTRA, AMCHAM, ADI.
  • He is in the advisory boards of FINSA Foundation, Fundación Niños y Niñas and UDEM.
  • In the year 2014, Arguelles was declared Entrepreneur of the Year in Mexico.

Trinity Cards: Providing Inspirational Christian Cards to Brighten your Day

Sending Christian greeting cards is an amazing way to interact and communicate with your friends and family remotely. It is one of the most powerful ways to express and convey your personal thoughts of support and encouragement to them. If you want to send a motivational and positive Christian greeting card to someone, then it’s worth checking out the Trinity Cards online shop. Trinity Cards is a supplier of amazing inspirational cards throughout the UK.

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PT Pipe Fabrications Limited: Offering Unmatched Pipework Fabrication

Pipework plays a vital role in and number of industries where the raw material or finished products are carried by pipework. Larger pipework is generally pre fabricated by manufacturing fabricating units, PT Pipe Fabrications Limited are one of these companies. PT Pipe Fabrications Limited undertakes pipe fabrication, to your desired specification. The company holds several years of experience in delivering pipework fabrication services across the world. They have rendered services in pharmaceutical plants, power stations, concrete manufacturing plants, food processing firms and many other industries. They can handle complex, large-sized and even high-pressure fabricated pipe projects with extreme perfection. All their pipes and fittings are sourced from renowned dealers in the UK.

Talking about their products and services, they are capable of delivering fabrication services for different materials and service including stainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, vessels, dairy pipe, titanium pipe and many more categories. They can also provide on-site measurement services to meet their client’s specific needs. Isometric drawings and sketches play a significant role to make their prefabrication process easier. After that, the pre-fabricated pipe sections are given to their skilled welders in order to complete the overall pipe welding work. They also perform quality control checks of their products and services in order to deliver unmatched quality to their clients.

Pipework can be found in various applications throughout manufacturing units, research facilities and industries. Pipe work fabrication involves fabricating a number of section of pipes, flanges, bends etc, called pipe spools for quick onsite installation. The large fabricated pipes play a vital role in transferring fluids, chemicals, gases and raw materials from one place to another.

PT Pipe Fabrications Limited have duel coded procedures that are compliant with ASME IX and BS-EN-ISO-15614 part 1. Moreover, they offer NDT testing such X-ray checks and ultrasonic testing, thus you can rest assured about the efficiency of your piping system.

Thus, if you are seeking the best company which offer top quality pipework fabrication and welding services, then PT Pipe Fabrication Limited is the name you can rely on. Their professionals also endeavors services for general fabrication which include road sign fabrication, skid fabrication, primary and secondary steelwork fabrication etc.

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Hire Meeting Rooms with Top-Notch Facilities from Training Room Singapore

It has become very normal for businesses to hire a co-working space, spare meeting room or a training room to meet with their basic commercial events. If you are planning to hire a training room in Singapore to conduct seminars or business meetings in a convenient way, then you can rely on Training Room Singapore.

It is better to hire conference room for rent rather than a banquet hall in a hotel to conduct your small meetings. This is why Training Room Singapore offers multiple options to select the most accurate training room, which matches your budget as well as requirements. The rooms are classified into categories to make your decisions easier and justified. They mainly offer business classroom, first class classroom and suite classroom, which depend upon the number of attendees of the event.

Training Room Singapore believes in offering convenience, coziness and comfort to their clients. Organizing business meetings in hotels is a repetitive expense to the company. Conference rooms are preferable and cost-effective place to conduct such events. Training Room Singapore is one the most reliable company offering the best conference room rental Singapore for you.

With unbeatable prices on offer, Training Room Singapore also allows you to cancel or shift the reservation according to your convenience. The meeting rooms offered by the company are located in the heart of the city that provides ease to their clients. You can hire air-conditioned classroom for rent at the most competitive prices. The rooms on offer from Training Room Singapore also provide internet access, which facilitates the attendees as well as the organizers to conduct the meeting hassle free. If you fail to complete your meeting or event in the stipulated time, the company offers you to overrun the event for 30 minutes without any extra charge.

Enterprises are often worried about the availability of sound system or projectors and Training Room Singapore offers the best quality projectors and sound system for your event. Not only this, they also help in keeping the audience cheerful and occupied by offering free beverages during the event or session.

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Why Conduct your Meetings and Trainings outside your Crammed Office

Every business conducts staff meetings, training sessions, business events and seminars. To hold such kind of events, ample space along with an audio system to converse with the attendees is necessary. Meetings amongst staff members are often held in their cubicles, but these meetings are quite often a hotchpotch affair. These meetings do no good since most employees are un-attentive or are working on something else while the manager blabbers his orders. In such cases, it becomes difficult to be audible enough to gain everyone’s attention and create an interactive environment. For this purpose, you require a large room equipped with all the required facilities, where everyone is comfortable which can allow them to focus on the meeting. A meeting room for rent can be availed to carry out a productive meeting or seminar.

Having a large and functional conference room, designated solely with the purpose to accommodate a large number of people, is necessary for any business organization. With ample amount of space, it becomes convenient for everyone to be interactive in the meeting. While choosing a training room for rent, you must ensure that the room possesses all the facilities required for conducting a smooth training session. There are certain facilities that must be available in training or conference rooms, some of them are:-

  • Good ventilation:-

If a room possesses good ventilation system, then it becomes easy for the participants to settle themselves comfortably and remain calm and focused in the meeting.

  • High-tech Audio/Visual systems:-

Employing high tech systems such as projectors, audio and video devices, etc helps to conduct meetings with ease.

  • Pantry facilities:-

Pantry facilities such as water dispensers, beverage facilities, etc keep participants refreshed during meetings or trainings.

If you are looking for a conveniently located seminar room rental Singapore, then you can count upon Training Room Singapore. They provide large sized training rooms, seminar rooms and meeting rooms. You can avail their top-notch meeting rooms with corporate amenities for the smooth and efficient conduct of your meetings or seminars. They also offer free tea and coffee for refreshments along with a pantry. They strive hard to make your experience remarkable by serving you the best possible equipment and services to conduct your meetings at pocket friendly prices.

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Use 3D Body Scanners for Getting Accurate Three-Dimensional Measurements

Whether it is fitness industry, apparel industry or fashion industry, 3D scanning technology has made a huge impact on the working and providing accurate measurements and three-dimensional models for designing perfect fitted clothes, understanding fitness reports and more. 3D body scanning is a technology in which an individual get scanned images of his body within a few seconds. These images are taken in 360 degrees to deliver accurate body measurements and then the data will be used according to the requirement.

Digitized images and measurement results are used for apparel designs, styling clothes which reduce customer returns of ill-fitted clothes as this exceptional tool help the garment industry by giving styling advice, accurate size measurements. Thus, if you are a fashion designer or the owner of online clothing store, then purchasing a 3D body scanner would be a great idea for enhancing your business and accuracy of designs. It will also help increase your reputation in the market as a right type of clothes and fitting achieve the trust of customers.

Apart from these, the fitness industry has also adopted this revolutionary technology for 3 D body measurements for weight loss and muscle gain programs. However finding a right manufacturer and supplier is also important before investing in these body scanners. [TC]² is one of the largest 3 D body scanner manufacturer which has been serving the fitness, medical, security and fashion industry for years. They provide the advanced solution to customers with the best delivery, training, installation, and maintenance services.

The company was founded in 1979 and since then, its customers are purchasing 3D body visualizer and pattern grading software for designer clothes in the most efficient manner. In addition to this, [TC] ² makes sure that you get to learn the pattern grading rules through the built-in guidelines.

The consultancy services of [TC]² improvise the effectiveness of your products. Their experts share their knowledge by offering plant assessments, organizational culture, and industrial engineer to take your business to the next level.

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3 D Scanners: A Boon for Medical, Fitness and Fashion Industry

Advent of 3 D technology and 3D Body Visualizer scanning process has a brought a revolution in the fashion industry. Designing clothes with perfect fitting is the most challenging job but 3 D measurement and scanning techniques has made this process not only simpler but also accurate. Now, dress designers are able to design a dress with the best fittings as they are able to get precise measurements through 3 D measurement devices. This technology greatly aid in boosting up the productivity of apparel manufacturing industries and also helps customizing garments to correctly fit the customers.

3 D measurement devices not only enhances the productivity and profitability of fashion industry but are also used in hospitals, laboratories and fitness centers for the correct measurement of an individual. From 3D body Scanner composition to body shape, 3 D scanners aids in tracking and monitoring every detail of the human body. These systems also helps in finding out Body Volume Index (BVI) and Body Mass Index (BMI) which are vital details required for obesity measurement. The data provided by 3 D scanners and measurement devices aids in detecting the risks associated with person’s weight.

The escalation in the growth of the company after the installation of such measurement system is increasing the demand of these measurement devices. Whether it is apparel designing industry or a fitness center, every business is looking forward to set up 3 D point to point measurement devices. But, purchasing these measurement devices is still a daunting as you require a reliable source which provides the futuristic and genuine products. As you need to spend a large sum of money while purchasing 3 D scanners and measurement system thus it is imperative to purchase it from reputed manufacturers such as [TC]2.

[TC]2 is the world’s first and largest manufacturer and supplier of 3 D measurement devices and tools. They are known to offer second to known consulting, installation, maintenance and support services and they provide their 3 D measurement and visualization devices for fitness, fashion, medical industry and also for research department of various industries. Along with 3 D measurement devices, they also offer Computer-Aided Design Software for fashion industry and a finely fit app for physicians, fitness instructors and personal trainers.

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Purchase Advanced Body Scanner and Newest Pattern Grading Software from [TC]2

[TC]2 is a well recognized company which offers the best-in class 3D measurement and scanning devices. All their products are manufactured using cutting edge technology which boosts up the growth of your business. [TC]2 is also known for providing the latest pattern software to ease the work of apparel designers. Their 3D body scanning devices can also be considered as the time efficient solution to get perfectly fitted clothing through personalized 3D body avatars instead of wasting time on trying no. of garments.

Some of the products offered by [TC]2 are enlisted below:

3D body scanner:

They provide 3D body scanner which comprises of crotch point detection, compact scanner footprint and adjustable handholds. With these unique features and mechanisms, it is possible to scan within only 1 sec and with accuracy. This 3D body scanner can also be beneficial in 3D printing, sizing surveys, 3D product development and in virtual fitting.

Image Twin Mirror:

Finding apparels with perfect size is one of the most challenging tasks. Installing Image Twin mirror at fashion retail shop can give retailers popularity in this competitive fashion market as it aids customers in purchasing well-fitted clothes without trying each one of them. This is a 47-inches freestanding digital kiosk with touch screen features and numerous other exceptional characteristics.

3D full Color Scanner:

This is also the most advanced approach to answer all the 3D body measurement needs of customers with state-of-the-art specifications. This can scan within just 3 seconds with full coloring. One of the best parts of having this device is that it can provide you 3 D prints immediately.

Summing up, [TC]2is the best company to purchase devices based upon 3D body scanning technologies. They supply 3 D measurement and visualization devices for medical, fitness and fashion industry. They strive harder to provide products and Software based upon the futuristic technology, at highly competitive prices.

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Atlantic Chiropractor: Serving Patients with the Most Effective and Natural Chiropractic Methods

Atlantic Chiropractor is the most recognized chiropractic care center, which takes pride in offering the best results for back pain and muscle pain. Among all the chiropractors in Jacksonville Florida, it is the best chiropractic care center which has a different and new approach for people struggling with pain issues accidental injuries and spinal health issues etc.

They have an outstanding team of professional chiropractors work together to help you get rid of severe pain and related issues and so that you can be well or live well. Here are the services you get from Atlantic Chiropractor-

1) Chiropractic adjustments and treatments- With the help of their knowledge and equipment, their professional puts motion back into the joints that have lost its functionality. Apart from this, they can use different methods to reduce pain.

2) Advanced Myofascial Release- At Atlantic Chiropractor, their team focuses on the symptoms and examines your pain generating tissues. Dr. Crosby has exceptional knowledge of how to get you back to a normal life.

3) Acupuncture- Utilizing their skills and modern techniques the team of Atlantic Chiropractor performs Jacksonville Chiropractic and Acupuncture through inserting needles into specific points to release chemicals in the muscles, brain, and spinal cord. The process can influence your pain modulation, emotional well-being, and biochemical balance.

Apart from these, you can also get massage therapies for getting energized after a long working schedule. Atlantic Chiropractor is committed to your health and wellness which is why their Back Pain Jacksonville are created to reduce and prevent back pain, lower back pain, joints pain, muscle pain, accidental industries and more in the best possible manner.

Their convenient hours and location allow them to help as many as patients possible in Florida. Hence whether you need an acupuncture Jacksonville treatment or just a massage therapy, you can count on their professionals for the friendliest support and treatments. Thus, experience natural healing with Atlantic Chiropractor without going through the painful surgeries, injections, and medications.

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