Use 3D Body Scanners for Getting Accurate Three-Dimensional Measurements

Whether it is fitness industry, apparel industry or fashion industry, 3D scanning technology has made a huge impact on the working and providing accurate measurements and three-dimensional models for designing perfect fitted clothes, understanding fitness reports and more. 3D body scanning is a technology in which an individual get scanned images of his body within a few seconds. These images are taken in 360 degrees to deliver accurate body measurements and then the data will be used according to the requirement.

Digitized images and measurement results are used for apparel designs, styling clothes which reduce customer returns of ill-fitted clothes as this exceptional tool help the garment industry by giving styling advice, accurate size measurements. Thus, if you are a fashion designer or the owner of online clothing store, then purchasing a 3D body scanner would be a great idea for enhancing your business and accuracy of designs. It will also help increase your reputation in the market as a right type of clothes and fitting achieve the trust of customers.

Apart from these, the fitness industry has also adopted this revolutionary technology for 3 D body measurements for weight loss and muscle gain programs. However finding a right manufacturer and supplier is also important before investing in these body scanners. [TC]² is one of the largest 3 D body scanner manufacturer which has been serving the fitness, medical, security and fashion industry for years. They provide the advanced solution to customers with the best delivery, training, installation, and maintenance services.

The company was founded in 1979 and since then, its customers are purchasing 3D body visualizer and pattern grading software for designer clothes in the most efficient manner. In addition to this, [TC] ² makes sure that you get to learn the pattern grading rules through the built-in guidelines.

The consultancy services of [TC]² improvise the effectiveness of your products. Their experts share their knowledge by offering plant assessments, organizational culture, and industrial engineer to take your business to the next level.

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3 D Scanners: A Boon for Medical, Fitness and Fashion Industry

Advent of 3 D technology and 3D Body Visualizer scanning process has a brought a revolution in the fashion industry. Designing clothes with perfect fitting is the most challenging job but 3 D measurement and scanning techniques has made this process not only simpler but also accurate. Now, dress designers are able to design a dress with the best fittings as they are able to get precise measurements through 3 D measurement devices. This technology greatly aid in boosting up the productivity of apparel manufacturing industries and also helps customizing garments to correctly fit the customers.

3 D measurement devices not only enhances the productivity and profitability of fashion industry but are also used in hospitals, laboratories and fitness centers for the correct measurement of an individual. From 3D body Scanner composition to body shape, 3 D scanners aids in tracking and monitoring every detail of the human body. These systems also helps in finding out Body Volume Index (BVI) and Body Mass Index (BMI) which are vital details required for obesity measurement. The data provided by 3 D scanners and measurement devices aids in detecting the risks associated with person’s weight.

The escalation in the growth of the company after the installation of such measurement system is increasing the demand of these measurement devices. Whether it is apparel designing industry or a fitness center, every business is looking forward to set up 3 D point to point measurement devices. But, purchasing these measurement devices is still a daunting as you require a reliable source which provides the futuristic and genuine products. As you need to spend a large sum of money while purchasing 3 D scanners and measurement system thus it is imperative to purchase it from reputed manufacturers such as [TC]2.

[TC]2 is the world’s first and largest manufacturer and supplier of 3 D measurement devices and tools. They are known to offer second to known consulting, installation, maintenance and support services and they provide their 3 D measurement and visualization devices for fitness, fashion, medical industry and also for research department of various industries. Along with 3 D measurement devices, they also offer Computer-Aided Design Software for fashion industry and a finely fit app for physicians, fitness instructors and personal trainers.

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Purchase Advanced Body Scanner and Newest Pattern Grading Software from [TC]2

[TC]2 is a well recognized company which offers the best-in class 3D measurement and scanning devices. All their products are manufactured using cutting edge technology which boosts up the growth of your business. [TC]2 is also known for providing the latest pattern software to ease the work of apparel designers. Their 3D body scanning devices can also be considered as the time efficient solution to get perfectly fitted clothing through personalized 3D body avatars instead of wasting time on trying no. of garments.

Some of the products offered by [TC]2 are enlisted below:

3D body scanner:

They provide 3D body scanner which comprises of crotch point detection, compact scanner footprint and adjustable handholds. With these unique features and mechanisms, it is possible to scan within only 1 sec and with accuracy. This 3D body scanner can also be beneficial in 3D printing, sizing surveys, 3D product development and in virtual fitting.

Image Twin Mirror:

Finding apparels with perfect size is one of the most challenging tasks. Installing Image Twin mirror at fashion retail shop can give retailers popularity in this competitive fashion market as it aids customers in purchasing well-fitted clothes without trying each one of them. This is a 47-inches freestanding digital kiosk with touch screen features and numerous other exceptional characteristics.

3D full Color Scanner:

This is also the most advanced approach to answer all the 3D body measurement needs of customers with state-of-the-art specifications. This can scan within just 3 seconds with full coloring. One of the best parts of having this device is that it can provide you 3 D prints immediately.

Summing up, [TC]2is the best company to purchase devices based upon 3D body scanning technologies. They supply 3 D measurement and visualization devices for medical, fitness and fashion industry. They strive harder to provide products and Software based upon the futuristic technology, at highly competitive prices.

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Contact Info:

2500 Reliance Avenue,

Apex NC 27539


Phone: +1 919 380 2156 (Main)

Experience the Finest Chiropractic and Acupuncture Services by Atlantic Chiropractic

Almost one third of Americans suffer from chronic pain, and it is a daily life struggle for each one of them. People are usually hesitant to chemical and surgical treatments, which is why they prefer to ignore the body pain. But, this pain can ruin your personal, professional as well as social life, and these are just the initial consequences of this abrupt pain. If you are suffering from similar pain, and you don’t want any surgical treatment, then you can go for Atlantic Chiropractic. Atlantic Chiropractichas a team of the best Jacksonville Beach Chiropractor to help you in achieving your health goals in a better way.

Atlantic Chiropractic has served their customers since years, and they are still serving as one of the most trustable health care centre. Their proficient team offers the most effective and secured treatments for your problems. They offer the following services:

  • Chiropractic treatment:

Atlantic Chiropractic has a team of professional chiropractics who examine your problem; this is done by looking at your body as a whole. You can get rid of weak immune system, excessive joint and muscle pain, stress, irritability etc.

  • Acupuncture treatment:

Atlantic Chiropractic serves the best acupuncture in Jacksonville FL. Acupuncture is a preferable source of treatment since 3000 years, and Atlantic Chiropractic offers the best acupuncture which helps you in getting rid of pains, allergies, migraine, PMS and menstrual symptoms, common cold and many more uneasy conditions.

  • Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation (FAKTR):

Atlantic Chiropractic offers the best Jacksonville chiropractic and acupuncture physicians like Dr. Crosby, who helps you in getting rid of problems like acute or chronic injuries, body pain, migraine etc through exercise or functional movement.

  • Posture correction:

You can get a poor body posture due to over-working, studying or standing repetitively. But with the help of Atlantic Chiropractic, you can get relieved by their unbeatable and soothing massage therapy which also helps you in releasing stress.

  • Advanced Myofascial release:

Atlantic Chiropractic offers this therapy for your problems related to tendons, muscles, fascia, ligaments and nerves. This therapy is for those people who have practiced or overused movements through activities like running, biking, golfing, dancing, weightlifting etc.

They heal you naturally, without using any surgical or chemical method.

You can reach them through:

Address: 13170 Atlantic Blvd #28

Jacksonville, FL 32225

Or you can contact them through:

Phone: (904)504-7291

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Atlantic Chiropractor: Serving Patients with the Most Effective and Natural Chiropractic Methods

Atlantic Chiropractor is the most recognized chiropractic care center, which takes pride in offering the best results for back pain and muscle pain. Among all the chiropractors in Jacksonville Florida, it is the best chiropractic care center which has a different and new approach for people struggling with pain issues accidental injuries and spinal health issues etc.

They have an outstanding team of professional chiropractors work together to help you get rid of severe pain and related issues and so that you can be well or live well. Here are the services you get from Atlantic Chiropractor-

1) Chiropractic adjustments and treatments- With the help of their knowledge and equipment, their professional puts motion back into the joints that have lost its functionality. Apart from this, they can use different methods to reduce pain.

2) Advanced Myofascial Release- At Atlantic Chiropractor, their team focuses on the symptoms and examines your pain generating tissues. Dr. Crosby has exceptional knowledge of how to get you back to a normal life.

3) Acupuncture- Utilizing their skills and modern techniques the team of Atlantic Chiropractor performs Jacksonville Chiropractic and Acupuncture through inserting needles into specific points to release chemicals in the muscles, brain, and spinal cord. The process can influence your pain modulation, emotional well-being, and biochemical balance.

Apart from these, you can also get massage therapies for getting energized after a long working schedule. Atlantic Chiropractor is committed to your health and wellness which is why their Back Pain Jacksonville are created to reduce and prevent back pain, lower back pain, joints pain, muscle pain, accidental industries and more in the best possible manner.

Their convenient hours and location allow them to help as many as patients possible in Florida. Hence whether you need an acupuncture Jacksonville treatment or just a massage therapy, you can count on their professionals for the friendliest support and treatments. Thus, experience natural healing with Atlantic Chiropractor without going through the painful surgeries, injections, and medications.

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Atlantic Chiropractic: Professional Chiropractors and Acupuncturists Treating Several Health Conditions

Atlantic Chiropractic is a well established health care centre which delivers natural treatment to people facing several health conditions. Whether you are facing muscle discomfort, joints pain, neck pain or back pain for a long time, Atlantic Chiropractic is the best place to get rid of from the same.

Their team of massage therapists, Jacksonville Chiropractic and other healthcare professionals utilize very gentle and effective procedures to provide you instant relief from your specific health conditions.

The services offered by Atlantic Chiropractic are enlisted below:

  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is one of the most popular treatments that are used in many general practices, health care clinics and hospitals. Few fine needles are inserted in certain points of the body to provide preventative and therapeutic effect over the body. This can even shows its effects more quickly and effectively as compared to other medications. If you also want to get benefit with this amazing treatment, then Atlantic Chiropractic can meet your expectations in term of providing quality acupuncture services. By availing their acupuncture service, you can respond to different health conditions such as as stress syndromes, arthritis, headaches and migraines.
  • Chiropractic care: Chiropractic is a proven treatment to heal musculoskeletal pain for more than 110 years. Major Doctors and health specialists recommend chiropractic care to their paitients having several spinal complaints. The chiropractors Jacksonville at Atlantic Chiropractic strive hard to deliver the best chiropractic care possible. Whether you are facing issues such as Disc Herniations, work injuries, sciatica, sports injuries or whiplash, you should undoubtedly approach Atlantic chiropractic for proper treatment.
  • Posture correction: Most of the people are habitual to sit in the poor posture that may lead them to cause unnecessary strains and severe pain in their body. Sometimes, they eeven attain irritability, poor sleep, dizziness and trouble breathing. To avoid such symptoms and health conditions, you should avail posture correction treatments offered by Atlantic chiropractors. Their professionals understand your heath concerns and provide you appropriate treatment.

Besides this, the Jacksonville Beach chiropractor and therapists Atlantic Chiropractic is also specialized in offering advanced myofacial release, FAKTR and massage therapy services. Thus, if you are looking for the state-of-the-art health care clinic to get natural pain management and chiropractic services, then Atlantic Chiropractic is a name you can rely on.

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Contact details: 13170 Atlantic Blvd #28

Jacksonville, FL 32225

Phone: (904) 503-7291

Use Laptop Cases for Safety Means and Stylish Accessory

All laptops and similar electronic devices need precise care and protection, irrespective of their cost and use. In this era of IT laptops are constant companions of people; you use them in your daily lives as frequently as anything else. There are hardly any people who do not have the need of these mobile machines. Laptops are meant to carry around, just like any other thing that you carry around. However, these items are portable and this makes them prone to breakage and damage. These devices can be accidentally bumped or dropped into something and get damaged. Even the best of the brands will be vulnerable to these risks, if carried without case. Like universal charger, laptop case is also equally essential for your machine.

Laptop cases and bags are essentials, if you want to keep your machines safe and functional for a long time. Laptop cases are must have, for those people who travel a lot and always carry their laptop around, and of course for those people who wish to maintain the safety and look of their machine. Laptop cases and bags basically protect your machine and permit you to carry extra stuff like batteries, chargers, mouse and other electronic accessories.

Laptop bag and protectors are available in various designs, colours and sizes. With various stylish laptop cases, fashionistas will be able to manifest their personality and style spunk with cool, funky and classic laptop cases. With laptop protectors and cases the choices are limitless for the users. No matter what your taste or personality treat is, you will be able to find something that you will love. Online supplier and manufacturers like Bump Armor are yielding top quality and stylish laptop cases and bags to users.

Bum Armor is a amongst the top company manufactures of laptop, chromebook and iPad cases. They provide all sorts of protection devices for the electronic equipment mainly used by students and working professionals. Expert engineering, precise designing and research help Bump Armor to create world class cases and bags for electronic devices. All their cases are designed according to different electronic devices, you won’t face any fitting problem at all.

About Bump Armor:

Bump Armor is trusted and well recognized manufacturer and supplier of laptop protector and cases. You can order stylish and top quality Bags and cases from their website.

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Get Top Quality Protective and Sturdy Cases for Your Expensive Gadgets

As you know that this is world of gadgets-freak generation, who prefer to complete their major tasks on laptops and chromebooks in order to save their precious time. Even most of the schools and colleges follow chromebook deployment to deliver better education learning to their students. As chromebooks and other gadgets are a bit costly, thus it becomes significant to keep them secure from damages, scratches or bumps. There are countless types of chromebook cases and sleeves are available in the market that allows individuals to carry their gadgets and devices safely at anywhere without any hassle.

Some people save few dollars by not buying covers and cases for their chromebooks, but this can make them to pay a huge cost to gets their expensive device repaired. They still not get back the quality as it was before. To avoid such situation, it is better to purchase an excellent quality chromebook case and cover. Getting sturdy and quality cover can also prevent the internal components of your device.

Apart from this, when it comes to selection of cases for your electronic gadgets, it is vital to choose the size that fits perfectly to your device. If the case doesn’t get fit to your device then it won’t prevents your device from damages. Moreover, you should also select better sleeves with having space so that you can use them to keep you headphones, charger, adapter and many other accessories.

If you are seeking the best quality cases for your chromebook 1to1 then Bump Armor can be the one stop destination for you. They offer the most stylish, lightweight and durable covers for your chromebook and iPad. All their covers go through a Military standard Drop Test and thus they can provide ergonomic safety to your expensive devices from any damage. Also, their products are designed by professional mechanical engineers and industrial designers to provide you the best products possible.

About Bump Armor:

Bump Armor is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of an extensive collection of iPad cases, cases for chromebook 1:1, iPad air covers, and top quality backpacks at highly competitive prices.

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Get Protective Cases for Safety of Your Gadgets from Bump Armor

Bump Armor is a leading provider of sturdy and lightweight chromebook protector and iPad cases and sleeves for your other expensive gadgets. With their quality products, they have become the market leader in providing ergonomically designed protective cases which are perfect for schools, businesses and at homes. All their products go through a Military standard Drop Test and thus they can provide great protection to your devices from any damage. Also, their products are designed by experienced and professional industrial designers, mechanical engineers and direct feedback of educators in k-12 market to provide you the best products possible.

If talk about the features of their iPad cases, then they are the best combination of safety and classy style. These cases are made from the top quality non-toxic materials that give a sturdy cushion for your iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad2 to iPad 4. You can choose iPad case from 6 stylish and bright colors.

With the increased demand of iPads and chromebooks and their application in different fields, most of the schools are proceed for chromebook deployment in order to deliver better education and knowledge to their students. This is also a revolutionary step for child development and helps them to improve their skills. If your school is also interested in chromebook deployment then you can join Bump Armor Pilot program to benefit your students.

Bump Armor also provides the highest quality backpacks for your chromebook and laptop. These backpacks are specially designed with rugged nylon construction, safety reflectors, adjustable straps, commercial grade zippers and some extra padded pockets. Thus, these backpacks can give all the protection to your chromebook from any damage. You can keep your cell phones, hard drive, adapters, chargers and other accessories in those extra pockets.

Thus, if you are seeking the best protective chromebook cover, laptops sleeves, sturdy iPad cases and other protective covers for your electronic devices then Bump Armor can be the one stop destination for you. Purchasing these products can ensure the safety of your devices against bumps and scratches. Their products can allow you to carry your devices anywhere without any hassle.

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Purchase Stylish Chromebook Cases from Bump Armor

After offering chromebook deployment to schools and education institutes, Bump Armor takes pride in offering a wide range of products to protect your devices from bumps and cracks. They create products that help people save their gadgets such as mobile, PC and laptops while traveling or carrying.

Talking about the latest devices, chromebook 1to1 is one of the most popular classroom devices that has transformed the learning experience, and it is more that important to keep safe from any physical damage. This is the reason why Bump Armor provides the most durable Chromebook cases and covers in different designs and colors. They make covers and cases tested with military standard and passed for pitfalls to ensure you the safety and durability of your device.

Here are some of their products, you can purchase for your Chromebook:-

Bump Armor style in case- Just like the name this style-in the case gives a stylish look to your laptop and allow you a quick access to your Chromebook, MacBook or laptop, when you are in a hurry. Light weighted and easy to use, this enables you to use your device without removing the cover.

CB slim hard shell Chromebook case- A stylish and classy hard shell that fits 11” Chromebooks and the case are made of 100 percent ballistic nylon with water-resistant coating to give your device maximum security even in the rains.

Tech-Pro Case- This case is perfect for everyone and provides a rugged case for your tablet, laptop, and Chromebook. Whether you want to use it at home, at the office or school the commercial quality zippers and plastic foam protection will save your laptop from unwanted danger or bumps.

Apart from these, there are a vast array of protective cases, backpacks, and chromebook cover for your mobile and laptops. Bump Armor understands the value of your money which is why the company has become a market leader in delivering thoughtfully- engineered protective cases and covers for people of all ages.

Choose your favorite color and design of laptop case and backpacks without compromising the visual quality of your expensive gadget.

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