Concept Products: Providing Best-In Class Solutions for Hygiene and Temperature Control

Cool room sliding doors play a vital role in food processing and preservation industry in order to keep the products safe. These are the most efficient solutions that maintain energy costs, reduce energy bills, and minimize air leakage issue during constant opening and closing of industrial sliding door in industries.

Concept Products is a leading provider of top notch solutions for doorways control and potential safety matters. This is a family operated businesses having experience of over 45 years in providing hygiene and temperature control solutions by utilizing cutting edge technology and quality doorways. They also offer customize solutions for several factories s with unique needs.

Some of the products offered by Concept Products are:

  • Cool room doors: They offer coolroom doors with unique and quality track system and adjustable wheels that made from various corrosion resistant matters. One of the best parts of this cool room panel doors is their durability effect and sliding without any friction.
  • Strip curtains: Their vast array of strip curtains can help to control temperature and minimize energy costs. These strip curtains also provide safety from wind, ice, dust, insects, vermin etc.
  • Medical doors: They offer medical doors that are surrounded with rubber seals in order to control temperature, positive pressure and control infection. These medical doors needs no maintenance and beneficial for operation theatres in any health care facility.
  • Rapid roll up doors: Their rapid rolls up doors are ultimate solution to reduce energy cost, contamination risks and temperature changing. These can also ease traffic access and beneficial for freezers, cool rooms, mines, food processing, supermarkets and in many areas.

If you are seeking the best company which offers top class cooling solutions with Industrial Sliding Door then Concept Products is a name you can rely on. Besides this, Concept Products also offer extensive selection of doorways for hygiene control such as PVC Strip Curtains, air curtains, fast freezer doors, combo rapid doors, PVC swing doors etc. You can avail them as per your specific industrial or commercial requirements.

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